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New Vice President for North/Central America, Aircraft Purchases, Fuel Hedging, Airline Partnerships and more 

New York, NY - March 2, 2011 - President Elyezer Shkedy of EL AL Israel Airlines revealed the outlook for the future and introduced the new Vice President, Danny Saadon, who will head the airline's North and Central American offices.  Elyezer Shkedy, who recently completed his first anniversary as President of EL AL, relayed optimism for the year ahead. Tourism to Israel as well as the number of EL AL passengers travelling from North America is steadily climbing. Currently, 3.5 million tourists visit Israel annually.
Shkedy noted that EL AL is growing and expanding its fleet to accommodate an increased demand. The airline has purchased a Boeing 747-400 jumbo that will be utilized on the USA/Israel route and is expected to join the EL AL fleet later this month. In addition, EL AL recently ordered four new Boeing 737-900 aircraft for delivery in 2013 that will be used on the shorter and medium haul routes. Last year, EL AL added the first-ever jumbo 747-400 cargo aircraft to its fleet.
Shkedy also announced the appointment of Danny Saadon as the new Vice President of EL AL in North and Central America (click here for Danny's press release). Regarding fuel costs, Shkedy stated that EL AL is continuing to hedge in an effort to control expenses.
Shkedy drew attention to the strong focus on innovative technology that EL AL continues to utilize, including the redesign of the airline's newly launched and more user friendly website  as well as the social media efforts for EL AL USA which include the EL AL blog, Skywords with EL AL , and EL AL on Facebook  (EL AL Israel Airlines USA) and Twitter (@ELALUSA).
With an eye toward the future, Shkedy related EL AL's near-term goal of growing new and existing relationships with partner airlines in key markets, including North America, where it has successfully teamed with Jet Blue and American Airlines. These agreements provide more convenient service for EL AL passengers living in cities other than where EL AL flies. EL AL is in talks to create similar partnerships in South America and around the world. 

Publish Date 06/03/2011