Things to do in Tel Aviv – five top recommendations for the Spring time

Tel Aviv

Regardless of the season – there are always exciting and interesting activities in Tel-Aviv

Tel Aviv is a city that never sleeps – all year round. Nevermind the seasonor the time of day (or night) – the streets are bustling with life, the cafes and restaurants are usually packed, and a visitor often wonders at the ever-going beat of this vibrant metropolis. "Jerusalem is praying, Tel Aviv is partying and Haifa is working" – the old Israeli saying still does justice to this relative "division of duties" between the largest urban areas of Israel.
Apart from a well-known night-life-capital reputation, Tel Aviv boasts a fabulous coastline, rich cultural scene and an amazing variety of gastronomical feasts.

Here are 5 things for you to do in Tel Aviv on your next trip:

Stroll the promenade
The beaches of Tel Aviv stretch out to an impressive 14 kilometers line, and Tel Aviv promenade runs along much of this distance. It is an extremely popular place for locals and tourists alike for jogging, cycling or simply enjoying the coastal breeze and the views of the sea. Growing parts of the promenade are being decked with wood and more and more cafes, restaurants and shops are being opened along it, so the visitors can get a continuous experience of leisure, food and shopping. The northern part of the promenade is the most popular part of it – grab a front-row seat at one of the multiple cafes, and experience a spectacular Tel Aviv sunset.

Feel the culture
Ever since being founded in 1909, Tel Aviv has managed to maintain its' bohemian image and continues to draw consumers and producers of arts from all around Israel. Music and theater, dance and painting, sculpture and photography – Tel Aviv has something in stock for everyone. Tel Aviv is a home to a remarkable reflection of a Bauhaus modernist architecture style – a largest of its' kind in the world, and practically wiped out in Europe during WW2.  Stroll peacefully along the Rothschild Boulevard, Ahad ha-Am, Shenkin and other central streets – if you will manage to ignore the skyscrapers, you might feel that you have traveled 80 years back in time.

Among the "Must" cultural institutions of the city – Tel Aviv Museum of Art, a home to a vast collection of modern and contemporary art, boasting one of the largest collections of Israeli art and a number of works by renowned European artists, such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Chagall, Pissarro, Kandinsky and more. Tel Aviv University campus (by itself an interesting place to visit) is a home to the Diaspora Museum, telling the incredible and touching stories of Jews and Jewish communities around the world over the past 2,500 years. And of course there is more to Tel Aviv cultural scene– museums, galleries, exhibits, dance, ballet, opera, theater performances and more. Choose wisely!

Inhale the market
The Carmel Market – one of the biggest in Israel, and the biggest one in Tel Aviv, is a true Middle-Eastern market – a feast of colors, scents, and tastes, shouts of the vendors, busy stalls loaded with fresh produce of every kind…The best part of the Carmel market is that it is designated primarily for the locals, and it's not some tourist trap. Friday morning is the busiest time, as Tel Aviv residents stock up ahead of the Sabbath.

In close proximity to the Carmel Market – Nahlat Binyamin pedestrian mall. Items of clothing, jewellery, hand-made arts and crafts, souvenirs and gifts are on sale for tourists and locals alike. Make time and take a short (or a long) break at one of the cafes along the street. In search for a bit of vintage? Jaffa flea market is the place for you. The "other side" of Middle Eastern markets, in a magnificent Old Jaffa setting takes you straight back to old markets of other MidEastern capitals. Prepare for some serious bargaining.

Party hard
Jerusalem might be the official capital of Israel, but Tel Aviv is a true capital of the Israeli night-life. Packed pubs, cafes, restaurants and night-clubs are abundant in the city, and it's not unusual to start the evening in a restaurant, proceed to the nearby pub for some drinks, dance the night away at the discotheque, and finish with an early breakfast at one of the 24/7 restaurants spread around Tel Aviv. The Tel Aviv port area (ha-Namal), ha-Yarkon street (along the Promenade), ha-Arbaa street, the Rothschild boulevard, Ibn-Gvirol and Ben-Yehuda streets, the Neve Tzedek area – Tel Aviv can give a serious fight to other party capitals of the world. Huge cinema compounds are growing like mushrooms after the rain – pamper yourself in a VIP viewing lounge with extra-comfort leather seats and free food.

Hit the shops
Tired of the outdoor shopping? Tel Aviv has dozens of shopping malls, such as the huge Azrieli Center (treat yourself in an upscale restaurant on the 49th floor of the Round Tower for a one-of-a-kind view of the Tel Aviv metropolis and the sea), the uniquely designed Dizengoff center (on an interesting shopping street with the same name), and the upscale Ramat Aviv mall (on Einstein street – in close proximity to the Tel Aviv University). You can catch a glimpse of the rich and the famous shopping at the Gan ha-Ir and Kikar ha-Medina designer shops. On the other side of the Ayalon highway (short bus or taxi ride) awaits an impressive Ayalon mall. In general, when outside – keep an eye for unique small shops – those are usually the ones with the most interesting items.
This is only a tiny glimpse at what Tel Aviv has to offer. Explore it yourself with excellent ELAL flights with a comfortable timetable!